Friday, April 10, 2009

what a wretched beginning......

so here I am with my youngest said it's real easy mom...

well I should have gone to bed an hour ago...

but maybe I can show off some of the stuff I made and share my interests and over the last thirty years or so I have been really neglecting friends I made on the way and some family so this would be a way for me to keep or get back in touch.

Having five children and lots of work to do is not really an excuse, since some of those friends have been equally busy and still managed to write all those letters and sent pictures so really why haven't I.
The word hermit comes to mind, I care , I loved those letters, loved to hear about the kids growing up etc but somehow writing back in a somewhat reasonable time frame was not to be.

The early years were easy but then life intervened and being married to another hermit certainly added to it. Waiting for him to write a letter is a lost cause.
Let me just say other then shopping lists I can easily keep the things the love of my life has written over the years in my wallet and one very sweet note I do have stashed away there for a few years now.

So I've learned a lot, lost a bit, won a bit and I think it is time to share. And if not a single soul ends up reading this .. it is good therapy, just in case I need it.

I like doing things, though my husband might argue I make him do things.

I will share some projects I ran into over the years, share some recipes, and maybe tell you how you can get from wanting to paint just a few walls to tearing down a ceiling, stripping 7 layers of paint from banisters with what seems like hundreds of rails and still keep your husband from putting you 6 feet under.
A few 'UFO's that have been bugging me that need finishing would profit by sharing - a bit of peer pressure never hurts.
So if you stumble across this blog stop back again and maybe just maybe I can show off one of my projects as soon as I figure out how to import pictures on to the rest of the site.
Should you by any chance be Bavarian you may comment in German or Bavarian I would be thrilled.
This blog will stay in English but for the odd reply to a possible Bavarian comment.
greetings for today.


  1. I'm not sure who you are, but you are connected in this blognet to someone I know. Ich kann ein bisschen Deutsch, aber ich bin Amerikanerin. Mir gefällt dieses Foto hier unten mit der bunter Blumen. Ich habe kaum mein eigenes Blog angefangen. Muss eines Tages bald wieder darinposten! (Pardon my German Fehler!)

  2. hi it's my house and my true love just walking past the front door.
    you are the first non family person responding,
    I need to catch up on my vacation entry and then upload many projects I have done, it's the blogging that got behind.
    viel spass beim lesen und ich werde mich bemuehen fertig zu schreiben.